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Together, we're removing 1 billion plastic straws by 2020.

March 22nd, 2019

To the Unicode Consortium:

Sydney the sea turtle here. Hope you’ve been Smiling Face With Sunglasses.

Listen, big fan of the diverse ocean life representation in emojis – but we need to talk. The thing is, everyone below sea level thinks you guys suck.

Because of this: Cup with Straw

And this: Tropical Drink

I’m sure you know that in America alone, millions of single-use plastic straws are used every day and most of those end up in my backyard (cc: Water Wave). Outside of the fact that they’re taking up valuable real estate down here, they are also – quite literally – killing us.

That’s why Bacardi and Lonely Whale launched The Future Doesn’t Suck, with the mission to remove one billion single-use plastic straws by 2020. And we think if humans are going to get used to the idea of using less plastic straws, they should use less emoji straws, too. Help us create a future that doesn’t suck and request the deletion of all emoji straws.


A Concerned Water Wave Turtle